September 6, 2020

10 free and essential WordPress plugins

On more than one occasion you have seen me a comment, in previous WordPress related posts, about something called plugins. For example, in this post, I was talking about the fact that one of the most important advantages of WordPress when choosing this platform to create a professional blog is the immense number of plugins that you can install to give it endless additional functionalities. The possibility that WordPress offers us to use plugins allows you to implement very useful functionalities on your website (which, programmed from scratch, would have a much higher economic value) at prices adaptable to any pocket depending on your needs and those of your draft. These prices are so adaptable that, although it is true that there are professional plugins for which you will have to pay the developer to download and use them on your website, many others come out totally at zero cost. Or what is the same: there are free plugins for WordPress.  And by the way, some of them very good despite not being worth a euro. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at the plugin directory, which has more than 38,000 plugins totally free and ready […]