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I know that the subject of mobile apps (traveling) is very trite and we all have more or less clear which are the best travel applications but the world goes so fast and technology advances so much that every so often a new travel application comes out that makes life easier while doing what we love most: traveling the world. For this reason, I have thought it appropriate, in these hot months that are so difficult to write, to compile my favorite apps, the ones that I always carry on my phone when I travel. I hope that some of them are new to you and that they make your life easier while you travel.

Google Maps

Travel apps

Who does not use it not only on a trip but in daily life? It is much more than an application to get around and I use it for almost everything when I travel: to move around a city, as a GPS in the car, to find my way around a city, to check traffic conditions, to search for restaurants and to see comments from the users, to create my own maps to publish, find places to visit or download maps to use later offline. And of course, it serves to become a local guide providing your own opinions and photos.

Maps. me

It has something very good that makes it very useful: you previously downloaded the map of the country you are going to visit and you already have a map during your trip without having to be connected to the internet. Many hotels and monuments appear and it is very easy to calculate a route to go from one place to another restaurant.


Is an ideal application if you like hiking as it has hundreds of perfectly explained hiking routes, with photos of the route, slope, distance, difficulty, and time to complete it.

For hotels and accommodation, I basically use these applications, either before the trip or during the trip if I don’t know where I’m going to sleep. I always compare and I won’t marry anyone so I look for a better price and a reliable page like these:


The best-known hotel search engine and I love it for its ease of use, the wide range, and the ease of being able to cancel without cost in many of the accommodations.


An Andalusian company that offers hotels at really good prices and also has extraordinary customer service.


There are times, depending on the type of trip I do, that I look for apartments to stay in and with this application, there is a lot on offer, as well as very original accommodation all over the world. The prices are usually very competitive and there is a wide variety of accommodation but as a drawback, I would say that sometimes one reserve and the host unceremoniously cancels the reservation. Watch out!


is ideal for cheap sleeping and I use it to sleep in hostels and hostels all over the world, because when I travel alone or with friends, sometimes we sleep in shared rooms saving quite a bit on our budget. In this application compares hundreds of hostels in the city that we are going to visit, you only pay a percentage, paying the rest when you arrive at the accommodation. And below I will tell you about another utility in this app that is amazing.

For Restaurants

  • Tripadvisor helps me to see photos of what is eaten in a restaurant and see the opinions of users, although sometimes these opinions have to be taken with tweezers, there are people for everything, interests of the competition, and false opinions. With the new website, you can, in addition to reviewing restaurants or hotels, make maps of your trips or book excursions… On Tripadvisor, you can find me as Myguiadeviajes.
  • As I have already mentioned before, I use Google Maps a lot to inform me about what to eat and how to eat in a restaurant. It is also easy to search for its address, telephone number, or opening and closing hours.
  • El Tenedor is another good application to find nearby restaurants to eat, with ratings for them and what is even better great discounts.


  • Hostelword, in addition to being a search engine for hostels around the world, has an option that I find fascinating and that is that you can translate your voice into all the languages ​​​​you want, facilitating communication in many moments when it fails. Enter your application and find out because it is amazing and completely free.
  • Google Translate is a classic and I think it is one of the more or less reliable translators out there today.

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