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Best tips to save on accommodation while traveling

If you are planning a journey through America, Europe, Asia, or around the world, it is essential that you analyze your way of traveling and what comforts you are willing to give up. Remember the more comfort, the more money to invest.

In this article, we will tell you some tips to save on “accommodation” so that you can stay in local houses without paying, work in exchange for accommodation or simply find the accommodation that best suits your budget.

Stay for free at a local’s house

Best tips for accommodation

There are several web pages in which a host offers a chair, bed, or space in his house so that the guest can spend one or more nights. It seems simple, although, in reality, it involves a cultural exchange, sharing with the locals, and living with and like them. Some of them are Couchsurfing, Hospitality Club, or Warm Showers, the latter for those who travel by bicycle.

Work in exchange for accommodation

Take care of pets or houses while their owners are away

This type of exchange is known as Housesitting or Petsitting and consists of taking care of pets (dogs, cats, and the most extravagant animals that can be imagined) and maintenance of a house (mowing the lawn for example) for a certain period of time. , in exchange for accommodation in that same house that is cared for. To create a profile on this platform it is necessary to pay an annual fee. Some recommended pages are: Trusted Housesitters or Mind My House.

Work in organic farms, hostels, or bars

They are volunteer networks in which you work in exchange for accommodation and, sometimes, food. The first is to work on organic farms and the second also includes farms, but also work in hostels, bars, and more. Some examples are Wwoofo or HelpX.

Volunteering in NGOs in less developed countries

They are usually jobs in churches, hospitals, and schools in exchange for food and accommodation.

go camping

Alone, with friends or family camping is a great idea to test the spirit of survival and coexistence, while saving a little money. Those who still want a bit of comfort can choose to pay for a space in a campsite and the more adventurous can try “wild camping” in nature.

If you travel alone, the best option is a hostel

For those traveling alone, staying in a hostel would be the cheapest. These have beds in large rooms to live with other travelers. It is a great opportunity to share good times and make new friends.

If you travel with a friend or your partner, the best option is a hotel

Traveling in pairs or 3, the cheapest option is a private room in a hotel, with a shared or private bathroom. The services, benefits, and atmosphere of a hotel are different from those of a hostel and you have to take this into account when hiring.

If you travel in a group, the best option is to rent an apartment

If you travel in a group, there is an additional option that is added to those already mentioned and it is the rent of a larger apartment to share the expenses among all.

Another option would be to rent a room with the necessary beds in a hostel. That is, if there are 4, rent a room with 4 beds. You enjoy the atmosphere of the hostel while you stay cheaper and more comfortable altogether.

What to do if you arrive in a city without a reserved hotel?

Go hotel by hotel and haggle

There are many countries, especially in Asia, where it is a good option to get to the city without a reserved hotel. It gives rise to negotiation and you can get good prices by seeing the rooms beforehand and knowing what you are paying for. In addition, there are special areas for backpackers in many places where you can arrive without a reservation and stay.

Last-minute accommodation booking

A hotel that does not sell a room loses it. So you can find last-minute deals on quality hotels at a better price than if you booked in advance.

Stay in low-cost hotel chains

The term “low-cost” is not only reserved for airlines or hostels, there are large hotel chains that have a cheaper brand, such as F1 or Ibis Budget. The downside is that they are usually far away or in industrial estates.

Hotel chain loyalty

Being loyal to a brand generally has a reward and more and more hotels and hostels want to reward that loyalty on the part of the traveler, granting a series of discounts that will allow you to save on your trip, such as Hostelling International, which has several hostels under the protection of a common brand and that they have to meet minimum standards to be able to belong to Hostelling, therefore they are advisable.

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