Landing Page Optimization: Checklist to make them perfect

Landing page, better known as a landing page, have become essential in digital marketing work when it comes to converting the visit into a customer in the optimization of Landing Page.

We have 8 seconds to explain our objective to the potential client before they decide to visit another website. Think well and fast.

A Landing Page is that web page that is reached through a button, a call to action, or advertisements only, and that is designed to achieve a specific objective: converting into a call, a sale, a contact, an email, etc. On the landing page, all the elements must follow the same objective: to seduce the user to generate the conversion.

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Steps to reach conversion:

– The content must be focused on visits, it must offer exactly the information that the user is looking for in a clear way so that they can end up being a contact/client. If you are going to offer several services, you have to think about making a landing page or satellite web for each service.

– It has to have a good offer, offer what your client cannot resist, and ends up wanting to buy. We have to look in great detail at the competition we find ourselves with for the service we are offering since what we are not interested in is that they compare us so that they can then select the competition.

-A clear and simple CTA (call to action button) that clearly indicates what the user has to do to access the offer and fill in the form to get it. If you want to increase your profit by optimizing the Landing Page, you need to try that the user can carry out the action perfectly.

Deliver what is promised

It seems obvious, but do not forget that the potential client is visiting your website because they have been motivated by an ad where they have been promised to find a service, offer, product, etc. Do not make him wait to find it on the web, show it clearly, and tell him what to do to get it.

How to do it?

If you are looking to optimize Landing Page in your company, you have to find the key to write what the customer wants to hear, in the same language, and with the same expectations they have. Don’t ramble or get lost in things that are unimportant and can be distracting. Get to the point and be clear and concise, the less you beat around the bush and the more direct you go, the more visits you will have and in the end, the more conversions you will achieve.

You must never forget that the importance and the unique and main function of the page lie in the offer. If what you offer they are going to be able to take advantage of it, squeeze it from all corners, and look for all the resources you can to get the most out of it. If it is not going to interest them, they will leave and those who stay will buy, so make sure that those who stay are quite clear and simple how and where they have to buy and, those who want to go out, also where they can do it. Facilitates entry and exit.

1 sheet webs

If we are trying to focus on the content that the potential client needs. One page is enough to express our service or offer. It is one of the differences with the corporate website where the full potential of a company is shown.

Contact Form

You don’t want to hog more than you owe. Do not demand so much personal data or the user will be willing to leave your landing and your conversion rate will lower. Less is more, stick with what is strictly necessary or you will lose potential customers. Think and create custom forms.

Invites to call him immediately

It is common for this type of web page to offer to call the user. In order to solve doubts that make it difficult for you to reach your goal, the conversion. To do so, simply create a contact form with 1 “We call you” field.

Multimedia content

To achieve Landing Page optimization in your company, remember that multimedia content is retained much better than text. If you include a video in your landing, you will gain many points in favor of relation to the client. A ” professional video ” is worth a thousand words.

Show Success Stories or Customer Logos

You can ask clients for some testimonials to include. This will increase credibility and that in turn will increase the conversion rate.

Surely with all these tips and points to follow you can create the perfect landing page that will lead you to convert all visitors into customers. Why don’t you try it and tell us how was the experience?