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The 10 best apps to travel in an innovative way

We know that technology increasingly covers more aspects of our life, with the intention of making it easier. Although traveling is a wonderful experience, it also requires a great effort if we want everything to be well planned. To help you enjoy it to the fullest, we bring you the best apps for traveling.

What are the best apps for traveling

My Cloud

The first of the travel apps that you cannot miss is Minube. It is a meeting point for thousands of travelers, where they share their experiences and recommendations.

Although it includes organized suggestions such as tours and guided visits, in each section we can consult the testimonies of those who have already passed through there. In this way, we will know an opinion, as well as an assessment of both restaurants and accommodation and the points of interest themselves.


One of the most peculiar travel apps that we can find is Flush. By activating the GPS, this application will tell us where the bathrooms are closest to our position. Another similar one is Sit or Squat, although this one is mainly focused on the United States. This type of emergency will no longer be a problem if we have these two great allies.


use best apps for travel

Photosynth is one of the most prominent travel apps of the moment. Currently, it seems essential to record every minute and every experience in order to upload it to social networks. Thanks to this application we can create incomparable photographic compositions at a 360º angle. To achieve its objective, this software analyzes several photographs of the same landscape, and between all of them, it forms a three-dimensional model.

Maps. me

This maps application allows you to download maps by geographical areas and is designed to be used without Internet access, making it ideal for moving to countries where Internet access is limited or paid. It allows you to calculate the best route to move from one place to another, it has layers of different types of establishments and the best thing, it is completely free.

Around Me

If you are a forward-thinking traveler, travel apps like Around me will be very useful and will be of great help to you in the face of any type of unforeseen event. Thanks to its locator it is able to identify where we are and offer us the options available for what we need. Hotels, hospitals, theaters, places to park, and long etcetera accompanied by opinions of other users.

SAS Survival Guide

This app designed by a former British Army soldier offers hundreds upon hundreds of survival tips. Although you most likely will not find yourself in an emergency situation of this type, it is always good to know a few tricks. Or at least, travel with the assurance that you know what to do in different scenarios.

Wikitude Drive

It is especially suitable for those who do not speak the local language of the city they visit and for those who prefer not to interact with anyone or who are in a hurry to ask.

With it, we will have the opportunity to learn more about what surrounds us. Simply use the mobile phone camera and the application will locate where we are and will give us relevant information about everything that surrounds us. Shops, ATMs, hotels, and everything we need.


Are you one of those people who like to know the language of the country they visit? Duolingo is an application that makes it easy for you. It includes short lessons and lots of games so you can quickly learn to speak, read and write a language. With some consistency, we will be able to articulate simple sentences in a very short time.


If planning is not your strong suit, TripIt is one of the travel apps that may interest you the most. By allowing access to your inbox, it will collect all the confirmation emails and create simple itineraries that will be very practical for you. In addition, it includes maps.


The last of our travel apps is Touchnote. If you like to send postcards to your friends and family when you are traveling, with this interesting application we can create our own designs from photos that we have taken ourselves. The shipping price is very similar to buying it on paper and paying it together with the stamp. In addition, the operation is simple; just enter the app and add text and an address to the selected image.

With this collection of travel apps, you can make the most of your time during your next vacation. Everything you may need and always available from your mobile phone.

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