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The best cooking recipe apps to learn to cook

The kitchen is in fashion. It has been for several years with the rise of television programs by renowned British chefs and the subsequent emergence of reality shows such as ‘MasterChef’. Not to mention the thematic channels, the contests on the main streaming platforms, or the tutorials on YouTube.

Even more significant, if possible, is the proliferation of recipes on social networks, competing face to face with the always infallible videos of cats. All this has encouraged more than one to banish the precooked in favor of the food prepared by oneself, and not to enroll in culinary academies.

There are those who, however, do not finish managing between stoves. Tired of consulting mothers and grandmothers on the phone, they seek refuge in app stores, either to surprise their guests or to make a menu with the little they have left in the fridge. If you consider yourself within this group, nothing better than downloading some of the following cooking apps on your mobile devices.

Free Recipes

Top cooking apps

Not much less. ‘Runtasty’ proves it with its more than 40 healthy recipes, designed to complement training plans. And it is that athletes need to take care of their diet so that all the physical effort does not fall on deaf ears, which happens by tying the apron. The app can be downloaded for free oniOSandAndroid.

Kitchen Stories

Videos take center stage in this app, winner of the Apple Design Award(it’s also available onGoogle Play). Aspiring chefs find plenty of recipes broken down into HD resolution images and videos here, plus free cooking tips every weekend. It includes a shopping list, a favorite dish marker, and a measurement converter, in case we are not maths.


In our quest to represent the most diverse cuisine possible, we couldn’t stop talking about ‘Vegamecum’. As its name suggests, the application collects hundreds of 100% vegetable recipes, without dairy or eggs. Among its virtues: it adapts the number of ingredients to the portion that we indicate and offers audio instructions so that our hands only deal with cooking. Free oniOSandAndroid.


home cooking, traditionally or always. ‘Cookpad’ breaks a record in this respect, with more than a million stored recipes (photos and videos included). The ‘app’ allows you to search for ingredients and prepare weekly menus. It also considers categories such as “recipes for Thermomix”, free of certain allergens, or international. It can be installed oniOSandAndroid.

Kitchen Channel

The most mediatic application of the sample corresponds to the famous thematic channel. It allows uploading our own recipes from the mobile; automatically download those published on the official website; consult those of other users and rate them. We can also search for recipes by chef or the name of the program on Canal Cocina, which allows us to ignore the television. We find it oniOSandAndroid.

Recipe Book

‘Recetario’ is another of the largest communities of Spanish amateur chefs. More than 100,000 users gathered in an application specialized in battle cuisine, where you can find recipes in two simple steps: first, we select the instrument (microwave, casserole, pressure cooker…), and then the main ingredient (meat, pasta, fish ). ..). Its 2,500 dishes can be consulted onAndroid.

Hat Cook

9,000 cooking recipes with functions similar to those of the rest of the applications listed (category filter, videos, automatic adjustment of quantities, offline mode…); the difference lies in its thematic collections. Do you have a romantic dinner? Did you promise your friends the best Halloween lunch? Just consult the corresponding section to get ideas, all of them quick and easy to execute. ForiOSandAndroid.

Desserts Recipes

Those with a sweet tooth have their ideal ‘app’ here (free oniOSandAndroid), focused solely and exclusively on the most awaited moment by all diners: dessert. It hosts thousands of recipes for sweets, cakes, and pastries, with decoration tips and alternatives for celiacs, lactose intolerants, or diabetics. As a curiosity, it allows us to cross out ingredients in the list of each recipe, which helps to organize.


You come home ravenously hungry, open the fridge, and barely find an egg, half a lemon, and the bottom of a milk carton. Your solution goes through ‘Noodle’, an application focused on the kitchen of use. We introduce the ingredients that we have at home and the ‘app’ is in charge of searching for possible recipes, all of them to be prepared in less than 20 minutes. Compatible withiOSandAndroid.

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