Top ten travel apps

Top ten travel apps make our lives easier

Applications make our lives easier. Here we leave you the 10 best travel apps. Go prepare your mobile!

Our traveling spirit never rests, and we dream of traveling and planning trips. But once we get ready to do so, we realize that there are many factors to consider, such as the weather, the documentation we need, accommodation, meals, currency, and, above all, the most important right now, all health issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, many of these aspects can be managed with new technologies, especially applications and platforms. For this reason, below we present the 10 best travel apps that cannot be missing from your mobile:

Best travel apps

An essential tool if you want to travel around Europe in times of Covid-19

Find out where you can travel within the European Union and its existing restrictions with Re-open EU

Currently, traveling is more complicated than ever due to the restrictions imposed by each country in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus. However, Re-open EU solves all kinds of doubts in real-time about whether we can move freely through the country of destination, if we should quarantine upon arrival, if the mask is mandatory or simply recommended, among many other questions. You may also like to read putting flyers on cars via

This application offers an overview of the health situation in the different European countries, based on data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The information is frequently updated and is available in 24 languages. In addition, it also allows you to follow the evolution of the coronavirus situation in your country and abroad.

Travel + Covid-19 = a lot of prevention and information

Find out about everything you need for your trip. From vaccines to the name of the equivalent drug in your country of destination.

Fit For Travel is an essential application, as it contains all the necessary information to travel to more than 300 destinations, with tricks to avoid infections, tips to stay healthy during the holidays, and a list of the necessary vaccinations. In addition, it allows you to find professional doctors in the area where you are and a small first aid guide. In short, it a more than an essential app for any trip in these times of pandemic.

I carry a suitcase full of just in case

An app that helps us organize luggage intelligently, Pack Point.

Ready Set? To travel! Not all of us are experts in the art of packing, and sometimes we carry clothes and things in our luggage that we don’t even get to look at. And then there are those at the other extreme, those who forget the basics. Fixed: The  Pack Point app selects what your must-haves are based on your destination, the activities you’ll do (and taking into account what items are must-haves for you). In a simple list, you will be able to mark and unmark the elements that it suggests and the number of units.

The weather, that factor that can make the trip a success or a ruin

Anticipate and check all the weather information to plan your trip well.

“Do not leave home without having an idea of ​​the weather at your destination”, is one of the basic commandments of a Smart Traveler. Sure you have apps to check the forecasts, but the sky can change in a matter of minutes, and a sunny day can turn into the universal deluge (especially in northern destinations). We can find a wide range of apps that can give us all the information.

Accuweather provides weather information with a high level of accuracy, with both short-term and long-term forecasts. It also indicates the thermal sensation and alerts for sudden changes in the weather, such as torrential rain, strong tastes of wind, or the percentage of UV rays.

I want to stay in an apartment or a shared flat, not in a hotel

Find the best accommodation for individuals and companies with Airbnb. Living like a local is almost guaranteed.

Traveling is no longer necessarily synonymous with a hotel. Some people prefer to stay in a room in a shared flat, rent a studio, or even a house with a pool. The options are as many as users who offer their properties on Airbnb. Those who try this method repeat, and its advantages are many: you deal with the owner directly, read comments from other users, and find everything from the cheapest to the most luxurious. In addition, in times of Covid-19, apartments are a good option to escape the crowds of hotels.

The typical question we always ask on a trip: What’s around here?

With World Around Me, you will be able to know everything that surrounds you wherever you are

This application is perfect for travelers and tourists who want to know everything that is around them, such as bars, restaurants, gas stations, banks, museums, hospitals, pharmacies, and even places with wifi, among many others. Therefore, this app will help you discover all the essential corners, as well as those that are necessary depending on the time of the trip.

However, this app is not only useful for travelers, but it is also presented as an appropriate tool for locals since many times we do not know our own locality as well as we think. Thus, with World Around Me, you can find what you need at any time and in more than 200 countries.

Travel is full of doubts. “Is this restaurant good?”, “I’ve been told about a market, is it worth it?

Check the opinions of international users on TripAdvisor to plan the trip and have the best possible experience.

The classic among classics, whether you are traveling or simply looking for the best option in your city. TripAdvisor allows you to find accommodation, restaurants, places to visit… everything you need with comments from international users. It the best to plan your trip when you don’t know the destination.

Quick, is one euro equal to…?

Calculating the change from your currency to another is not a simple thing.

When we travel to countries with different currencies, it is not easy or fast to be able to change and know how much it is equivalent to our currency. For this, there is the XE Currency app, vital and very simple, which allows us to know how much our money is worth in any country in the world. In this way, we can be sure and not make mistakes in the change when making purchases.

You owe me 10 euros for dinner, but I owe you 5 for the train and she owes me 7 for the theater

Manage the shared expenses of your trip, and forget about debts and tickets.

There are always problems when it comes to undoing boats on trips. We never agree on how much money we owe or are owed. But luckily, today there are applications that allow you to record the payments that are made and divide them among all. One of them is Splitwise,  which allows you to divide expenses according to the number of people in the group, see the debts, and who owes you money, quickly and easily. Also, you can send reminders to your friends.

Where can I find Wi-Fi?

To know where we can connect to the Internet without suffering surcharges on the mobile bill.

It is true that currently with the end of Roaming, we no longer desperately need to find Wifi (if you want to know more about Roaming, do not miss this post ). But when we travel outside Europe, the problems begin. Where to connect to the Internet? Is there a restaurant or cafe where there is Wi-Fi? Or even, it can be the case that many times when we already think we have Wifi, the network does not work well or is saturated. To solve these problems, the Wiffinity app maps a series of open networks and offers us the closest ones. It also does not offer the option to connect to them without having to give our name or register.

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