Web design Ideas

Web design: Ideas to create your website or blog

If you are excited to have your own website and you don’t know where to start, here is an inspiring guide with 30 ideas to design a website

There are more than 4.6 billion active Internet users worldwide, or 59.5% of the world’s population (source Statista).

All this traffic translates into great business opportunities and visibility. Nowadays, in fact,  having a website is a real necessity, whether it is a website for a commercial activity or a website to put passions or interests online.

The world of web design includes a wide range of site types, with many possibilities for customization. With so many types of websites to choose from, where should you start?

The good news is that we can help you choose, here is a list of 30 ideas for web pages, an inspiring guide where you will surely find a theme that can fit your needs.

Company Corporate Website

Web design tips

Let’s start with one of the most obvious ideas. Every business today needs a business website. A business that is not present in the network is as if it did not exist in the eyes of its potential clients. Having a  business website is really crucial to the success of your business in terms of visibility, credibility, and trustworthiness. Also, a business website is a great way to increase conversion rates and the number of customers by reaching a larger audience.

Online Store, E-commerce

The Covid-19 pandemic has given a strong boost to electronic commerce and it is estimated that online sales will continue to grow in the coming years. If you have a physical store, start selling online right away by building your e-commerce: an online store will help you reach a larger audience regardless of your geographical location.

You don’t have to be an expert web designer to create your virtual store: With nominalia.com’s e-commerce solutions, you can independently bring your e-commerce to life by choosing the plan that best suits your needs in terms of functionality and the number of products that can be purchased.


A blog is a kind of online diary, a tool for publishing opinions, knowledge, and ideas that can take different forms: it can be a  personal diary, a thematic site that collects articles on a specific topic, or a company page with useful information for your business. customers. A blog can extend and complement a website with additional content or be a completely independent site.

Resume And Portfolio Website

A  CV website allows you to collect your professional experiences and highlight your skills. It won’t need a lot of space, it could even be a Page One Page consists of a single, well-organized page. Personal websites of this type allow you to gather a collection of your best projects. This type of website is invaluable to professionals in any industry as it increases your credibility with employers, potential clients, and business partners.

Review Website

90%  of Italian consumers read online reviews before making a purchase and  64% trust online reviews from other customers. (source Capterra). People love to make their voices heard, and online reviews can be a real deal. Where to start to make a review site? You can comment on shops, restaurants, products, etc… if your site takes control, they will be interested in contacting you to have your own opinion.

Fashion And Beauty Website

Fashion and beauty websites are very trendy and cover a wide range of categories, from personal websites of models, stylists, and hairdressers to clothing e-commerce and personal sites of simple enthusiasts. For those who have a business in the sector (eg hairdressers, beauticians, or models) having your own website is a great way to publicize your style and showcase your work. If, on the other hand, you are a simple enthusiast, you can put online trends, current trends, and various style suggestions.

With  Simply Site, nominalia.com’s website builder, you have many specific templates available so you can design your fashion and beauty website in just a few clicks.

Website For Restaurant

Being present on the net is more necessary than ever for an activity such as catering and the web can represent a real opportunity for those who work in this sector. It is essential that a restaurant is visible online to be found,  not only by those who know the place by word of mouth but also by anyone who is, even occasionally,  nearby and hungry. In addition, a website, allows restaurants to report all the information that is useful for customers and essential, such as if they have home delivery, to take away, and also be able to consult the daily menu online.

Blog About Food And Recipes

Even if you’re not a restaurateur or chef, if you love cooking at home (or just love good food and photographing the dishes you eat) you can create a blog dedicated to food. It can be a blog to share the “recipes of the day” or a more structured website with news, ideas, reviews, and spaces to compare and comment online. Think how useful it could be for someone looking for ideas to cook something different for dinner.

Website For Artists

Whatever your art is, you really should think about making a portfolio website to put your works and creations online. Focus on your art, talk about your techniques, your sources of inspiration, and your works by enriching your site with beautiful photos and illustrations. We recommend that you create a page for each of your works telling them in detail and playing with the design of your site to fit your artistic style.

Fitness Website

Fitness websites are great for motivating people, so if you’re a personal trainer or a small gym owner, you can create a website to showcase your work, find new clients, and grow your business. The ideas are endless: from posting videos with specific exercises to advice and training tips. A fitness website can really help you get noticed online and give your business all the prominence and exposure it deserves.

Real Estate Website

For a  real estate agency,  having your own website is not only a way to make yourself known in your territory but also a way that allows you to passively acquire contacts of interested clients. To get started, we recommend that you choose a starter template from Simply Site’s real estate themes and customize it with your listings and photos of homes for sale.

Do not forget to insert a  contact form in strategic points of the site: The exposure of your content on the web will not make you close a deal but with a contact form in sight, if a visitor is attracted to one of your ads, they can interact with you directly online for more information.

Consulting Website

For consultants of any type and sector, having their own website is a real necessity for 3 main reasons:  online visibility, authority, and credibility. A consultant is an expert who has proven and qualified professionals in a subject and who knows (and should) advise, assist and propose solutions. In this context, it is essential to be able to establish a relationship of trust with customers. To express authority and trust, the site should be well structured and should highlight sections on “Who we are”, “What we do” and “What they say about us”.

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