August 28, 2020

5 cases when you can’t do without a virtual server

Virtual Server (VPS) is a hybrid of a physical dedicated server and virtual hosting. It differs from the first VPS in that the client receives not physical, but virtual computing resources (CPU, RAM, HDD / SSD). From the second – the fact that these resources are allocated and assigned strictly to one client, and not “smeared” at all. Virtual servers are rented from VPS-providers, which are chosen, focusing mainly on the technical capabilities and performance of virtual servers, as well as on the cost of services. Rankings and tests of hosting providers are regularly published on specialized resources – they are recommended to be taken into account by those who are going to rent VDS for the first time … Website traffic growth In most scenarios, a virtual server is chosen when simple shared hosting is no longer enough. If more and more visitors begin to come to the company’s website – up to several thousand a day – for the normal operation of the resource, it is necessary to expand the server capacity. VPS servers are relevant for companies that are engaged in e-commerce: online stores and any sites that act as trading platforms. For these companies, slow loading […]