September 6, 2020

Landing Page Optimization: Checklist to make them perfect

Landing page, better known as a landing page, have become essential in digital marketing work when it comes to converting the visit into a customer in the optimization of Landing Page. We have 8 seconds to explain our objective to the potential client before they decide to visit another website. Think well and fast. A Landing Page is that web page that is reached through a button, a call to action, or advertisements only, and that is designed to achieve a specific objective: converting into a call, a sale, a contact, an email, etc. On the landing page, all the elements must follow the same objective: to seduce the user to generate the conversion. Timing before this item is worth, if you want to help your website to climb a few positions in Google search results, you go through here and you read the 200 factors that affect your website in SEO. Steps to reach conversion: – The content must be focused on visits, it must offer exactly the information that the user is looking for in a clear way so that they can end up being a contact/client. If you are going to offer several services, you have to […]
August 28, 2020

How to know if remote access is secure at your company

Employers have transferred employees to remote work to protect them from the coronavirus. But not all companies have taken care of their own protection, although remote access – VPN, DaaS, RDP, etc. – is a type of connection that requires a change in the monitoring focus and special measures to protect against cyber attacks. These measures are somewhat different from traditional ones when employees (and their work devices) are inside the corporate security perimeter. There is a whole list of reasons for this – from vulnerabilities in protocols and technologies of remote access, to the fact that employees connect to the internal network from personal devices that are not even protected by antivirus. To conduct a quick and comprehensive assessment of the security level of remote access, the best option is to organize a penetration test. The essence of the method is as follows. The company turns to a third-party organization – experts in information security (IS), who simulate various options for cyberattacks. Using special software and manual hacking methods, experts identify all kinds of risks, errors, and “holes” in the information system, including those critical for remote access. After that, the customer receives a detailed report with a description […]
August 28, 2020

Top 5 main CyberSecurity risks in 2020

The past year in terms of cybersecurity was remembered for APT attacks on organizations in the financial sector, high-profile data leaks, and the search for hardware vulnerabilities by cybercriminals. While the management of the companies was looking for an adequate response to the threats, cybercriminals are entering the warpath with new means and schemes. A shift in focus from desktops to devices and hardware Hackers are less and less interested in personal computers. Instead, they pay close attention to network devices, video cameras, IoT equipment, unmanned vehicles, and others. According to Avast experts, cybercriminals will protect spyware more effectively, making it much more difficult to detect them. Artificial intelligence versus humans Artificial intelligence technologies are actively used to protect against hacker attacks. The latter are increasingly responding with “courtesy” and using AI for their own ends. According to Avast Smart Home Report, in 2019, 44% of smart homes had at least one compromised equipment. In 2020, vulnerable IoT devices will increasingly integrate into intelligent botnets like Swarm to launch cyberattacks. It is possible that they will be able to make decisions without the participation of criminals and will be able to autonomously generate a strategic defense bypass based on the […]
August 28, 2020

5 ways smartphones track disease and health

Since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, smartphones have been used everywhere. One area where devices have new perspectives is in medical diagnostics. Gadgets may soon change how we detect diabetes, measure female fertility, or detect cancer. The computing power of modern smartphones, together with high-quality cameras and a set of constantly updated sensors, makes the devices suitable for all kinds of tasks. In medicine, scientists are making advances that use these capabilities to diagnose various conditions in patients. Here are some examples. Female fertility test using a smartphone A smartphone can make home fertility testing cheaper and easier. Similar technology was developed by scientists from Brigham Young University (USA) and demonstrated in 2018. The test consists of a slide onto which a saliva sample is applied. As the liquid dries, it crystallizes into a fern-like structure. Well-defined patterns can reveal where an object is in the menstrual cycle. The smartphone camera and a special application do all the further work on the sample analysis. Experiments show that the smartphone can determine the ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle with 99% accuracy. This can be the key to a successful conception. Definition of type 2 diabetes A smartphone-based […]
August 28, 2020

5 cases when you can’t do without a virtual server

Virtual Server (VPS) is a hybrid of a physical dedicated server and virtual hosting. It differs from the first VPS in that the client receives not physical, but virtual computing resources (CPU, RAM, HDD / SSD). From the second – the fact that these resources are allocated and assigned strictly to one client, and not “smeared” at all. Virtual servers are rented from VPS-providers, which are chosen, focusing mainly on the technical capabilities and performance of virtual servers, as well as on the cost of services. Rankings and tests of hosting providers are regularly published on specialized resources – they are recommended to be taken into account by those who are going to rent VDS for the first time … Website traffic growth In most scenarios, a virtual server is chosen when simple shared hosting is no longer enough. If more and more visitors begin to come to the company’s website – up to several thousand a day – for the normal operation of the resource, it is necessary to expand the server capacity. VPS servers are relevant for companies that are engaged in e-commerce: online stores and any sites that act as trading platforms. For these companies, slow loading […]